Handcrafted American Music

This popular Concert Series centers around songwriting Hosts, Jack & Diane, and their distinguished ROSTER of fellow, pro-level songwriters. Serving the discerning listener who can appreciate the authentic craft and superior presentation of professional songwriting, this unprecedented show consistenly exceeds expectations. In addition to the groundbreaking new weekly Web Series, Nashville Unleashed will tour select cities to bring the live version of the show to audiences. 2014 will be an exciting year for this show. 

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More About The Show

Listeners revere concert productions like Austin City Limits and VH-1 Storytellers. Along that idea, Nashville Unleashed honors these concepts, yet offers a more personal experience for the audience.

Nashville Unleashed, has earned a distinct reputation on the national stage fielding their hallmark blend of handcrafted American Music performance and storytelling, while bridging meaningful connections with audiences across the United States.

Widely recognized among fans of all ages as the perfect "date night,” the popular concert series features well-known music talents, Jack and Diane, joined by a select group of their fellow pro-caliber songwriters and performing artists.  

Nashville Unleashed has featured major recording Artists, like Richie McDonald (Lonestar), Linda Davis (Grammy winner for duet with Reba), Baille & The Boys (10 Top 40 hits), Paulette Carlson (Highway 101), among others.

You never know who might be in the room at a Nashville Unleashed show, as it's become known for surprise appearances, but the main focus is introducing listeners to the exceptional Performing Songwriters that, til now, have been instrumental behind the curtain in music city. 

Fans of Nashville Unleashed are drawn into the intimacy of the show’s design, spoiled by displays of superior musicianship, while the infectiously charming camaraderie between the artists keeps the audience laughing – and sometimes crying – as the songwriters share the personal stories behind the songs they put to pen and paper.

While the "in-the-round" performance style is something of a staple of the Nashville music scene, Nashville Unleashed has enhanced and mastered the concept – creating a meaningful and memorable fan experience.

With an unscripted, unrehearsed, and unapologetic approach, the performers create the distinct feeling that the audience members are in the living room of each of the incredibly talented artists – no matter how large the venue is.

Fans will be delighted to know they can watch the new Nashville Unleashed Web Series, airing Wednesday nights at 8pm CT, beginning January 22nd. You can also catch them on some very special Tour Dates around the country in 2014, with the first one being Disney World's Westin Universal Boulevard in March 2014. Tickets will go on sale January 20th.